5 tips for when packing up your room.

It’s something you will have to do soon if you are joining us in September! It’s the dreading packing up for university. I had to pack up my room a few times: before coming to uni, in halls of residence and my room in my student house that I used to share with my friends/

It’s not fun and it’s very time-consuming, but everyone has to do it and here are 5 tips to make it a bit less painful!

1) Have boxes – and lots of them; make sure that you have boxes or suitcases to actually put your belongings in because trying to fit everything into lots of small bags can just be a pain!

packing up your university room (1)

2) Don’t be scared to throw away: you inevitably acquire lots of stuff that you really don’t need. Use this as an opportunity to throw out the broken or old things just cluttering up your room!

3) Sort AND pack: instead of throwing everything you can see into a box, try and sort as you go through (especially in your wardrobe! I’ve put so much stuff in a charity bag – clothes that no longer fit me or I haven’t worn for years!)

4) Be prepared to make a mess: especially if you’re sorting through your belongings as well as packing, it is going to make a mess and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better (as you can see in the photo of my room – definitely in the “sorting mess” stage – whoops!)


5) Don’t put it off: I know it’s boring and you’d much prefer to be doing other things but it needs to be done and it’s much easier to do a little bit for a few days rather than being faced with a whole room to pack in the few hours before you have to leave!

Hope everyone manages to pack up their rooms without too much hassle! Have fun packing!