7 things to check before you go to uni

Excitement, happiness, satisfaction, joy are just a few words that can describe the feeling you get when you find out you were accepted into the university you wanted to study at. As an international student, moving to the UK was not an easy job. I thought I should share with you the to-do list I used before coming to uni, hoping that it will help you as it helped me back then.


  1. Flight ticket – You must buy yours as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. That way, you can find a cheaper option that can save you some money. For example, I bought mine at the end of July with just a bit over 100€.
  1. Find accommodation –  I have relatives in Worcester, so this part was easy for me. If you’re not as lucky, you need to start looking right away. First, you have to decide whether you want to live in the university halls or outside campus. But hurry, the best places get occupied really fast.
  1. Money issues –  Being an international student, you may need to get a Visa debit card, so that parents can send you money easily. The only thing I had to do is go to the bank and sign some papers. The following week, I received my brand new card!
  1. Health insurance –  It’s a lot of paperwork, but it doesn’t hurt to have an European card that can be useful in cases of emergency. Although, NHS is free in the UK…
  1. Shopping – Whether it is a laptop or a cooking manual, you must think of a list of things you have to take with you at university. What I did was go through each room and see what I needed. It usually is a long list, so girls, you will definitely enjoy this part !
  1. Packing –  I started with warm clothes and the appropriate shoes for the well-known English weather… and an umbrella!20160128_092108
  1. Saying goodbye – That’s probably the hardest thing on the list. Family, friends…you won’t be able to see or talk to as you do now …I know, heartbreaking!  However, there’s always time for some Skype calling.

So this was my list. I wish you all safe flights and maybe I will see you around campus soon!