4 questions to ask when you’re applying to university

When you’re applying to university, there is a lot of pressure for you to make the ‘right’ decision. It’s important to ask as many questions as you can to make sure you are making the most informed choice you can. I’ve listed some of the questions I asked below to get you started:

  • Are there any additional costs for my course?

Universities will usually have information on how much the tuition fees will be and how much student finance is available, however, are there going to be any other costs such as books, field trips or equipment fees? This will vary from course to course so it’s worth checking with the university.


  • What can I do alongside my course that isn’t a sport or society?

When asked what extra-curricular activities are available to students, many refer them to the sports and societies they can join. These are a great idea and highly recommended but what else is there? Firstly, some universities offer a study abroad programme enabling you to study abroad for a semester or even a year in places like America, Australia and Europe. You also have opportunities to get involved with research, become a Student Ambassador or a course representative.

  • Do you offer any work placements?

Some courses may already include a mandatory work placement in a sandwich degree (a 4-year degree where your 3rd year is spent in the world of work) but others may have a module or a whole semester. Even if your subject doesn’t include a formal placement, you can ask about volunteering opportunities in the area and see where other students have gained experience.


  • Where have the graduates been employed?

I went to university to study a degree I wanted a job in, but before I made my final decision I wanted to know where their graduates had been employed. This way I knew what they had done with their degree and what possibilities I had too; it helped me put my degree in perspective.

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions at open days, applicant days and some lecturers have twitter so you can even drop them a question on there… So what questions would you ask?