Dealing with issues of the heart at university


We’ve all been there, Heartbreak hotel where all the tables in the dining room are full of happy couples then there you are in the corner next to the coat rail with only someone’s fur jacket to cuddle.

However… do not fear, your stay in this place is only temporary! With a few tricks and tips you can ensure you are on your way to a better atmosphere soon enough.

Just a picture of my dog Ernie to put a smile on your face…Looks oddly like Stitch…

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you through a breakup, should you be unfortunate enough to experience one during your time at university:

When you have the blues the best thing to do is distance!

It is hard as you have had feelings for this person, but the further away you are from them, the easier it will be.

Without the constant reminder, you can fend off any attacks that your heart can throw at you to try and spoil your day.

You will soon find that your heart will simmer down and start itsself on the mend, perhaps even start looking for someone else to spend its time with.

Another tip from your friendly neighbourhood blogger is just do what makes you happy every day!

There is no use in sitting indoors and watching the television show you used to watch with your former partner because this will not help.

Write a list of all the things that make you happy! Keep yourself active and engaged in activities either on your own or with friends and family. Here is some of mine:

  • Loud and annoying music to sing to
  • Penguin bars (because of the terrible jokes)
  • Being creative, hand painting or something you can bring your friends into

They are a few of my ideas, but it brings me to another good tip! Try and keep your mind as active as possible.

If you let yourself go and sit around thinking how bad your life is at the moment, or how bad your heart hurts, you won’t get anywhere.

This is taken from my Holiday with 14 of my friends to Kavos…Not suggesting you take all your friends on holiday to get over your heartbreak, but being surrounded by the people I love and views like this can’t help but put you in a good mood.

My final point is probably the most important, you are not alone!

Heartbreak has been around longer than you, I or anyone that is alive today and it isn’t going anywhere. There has been a whole music genre based off of this, the blues!

So talk to people around you and share your thoughts and feelings – you will find letting them go and getting them off your chest will give you a sense of relief.

A wise man once told me: you can hold a glass of water in your hand out stretched for a day and it won’t hurt, a week and it will ache but hold it for a year or the rest of your life and your arm will most likely hurt so much it will fall off.

The lesson there is to let things go before it tears you apart (hopefully not literally), you will only hurt yourself more by holding on.

Class dismissed.