How the University changed my life

It feels like it was yesterday. I flew over from Prague, was picked up by bus with some of the incoming international students by the University and that was it. I was standing with just one suitcase in my new room at University’s halls and I finally realized this all was not a dream.

I am now completing my placement year at the University and have come to a conclusion: University life has changed my life significantly.

Looking back, I realize how much I have grown as a person and in a couple of years’ time, when I graduate, I will leave the Worcester cathedral not just with a degree in my hand, but also with fantastic experiences and valuable skills – a better and stronger person.

Talking about change, here are some things that I’ve experienced at University:

Broadened horizons

You’ll learn a lot of things at University – not only the theory and practice in your specific degree, but also important life lessons. Certainly, your first year will be all about experiencing and trying. If something doesn’t work out  the first time, try it again.  You will eventually come to the desired outcome, sooner or later.

Work experience is crucial while at the University. You only have lectures a few times a week, so you have enough free time to work as long as you manage your time effectively. Make sure you balance your study life with work life and social life and I can assure you, you’re making the most of your student life.

Getting working experience will help you once you finish university as every extra thing you do can be added to your CV and boost your employability. 


Independency, here I am!

You can say that being at university is like being in a bubble, it’s quite a special environment. And many students believe that the real life after graduation is what makes them truly independent and mature.

I think independence comes with moving to university – you’re doing your laundry, you live on your own, no help from your parent anymore – these are valuable lessons that they can’t prepare us for, unless we leave the nest.

I personally learnt a lot from moving away from my parents’ home – yes, I know how to do my laundry – (that woolen sweater should not go in the dryer!), how to cook a proper meal (frozen pizza thrown in the oven is not a proper meal!), how to do chores (ok, that random sock wasn’t supposed to be on the floor for the past 3 weeks, but you know…I was busy with assignments!)

I’ve learnt all of that, but also how to organize my time, how to make decisions, how to have initiative, how to lead a team, etc. I bet all this is important and useful in the adult life…


People I can count on

They say you will find the life long friends while at the university. I am grateful for the people that I have met – in my lectures, on campus or when working.

Everyone is so nice here, which makes it extremely easy to make friends, socialize and be a part of a group.

Undoubtedly, taking part in activities organized either by the students or the University increases your chances to find amazing company and friends.

There is honestly nothing better than to have “a partner in crime” when it comes to writing that annoying assignment. I’ve spent loads of hours in Peirson with my friends trying to motivate each other to finish and submit our projects.

Your friendships get stronger, the bonds get deeper when you go through difficult times together.


So find reliable, trustworthy and nice friends that you can have a laugh with, but also share problems with! 

And in the end, just a piece of advice from someone who has experienced University in multiple ways – as a student, as an Erasmus student and as a work-placement student:

Work hard, but also enjoy the University to the maximum, since this is a unique experience, which you will remember forever.

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