Which course is right for you?

You may be thinking about going to university, but are unsure of what it is you would like to study, or you may be finding it difficult to choose between various courses which interest you.

It is really important that you choose the right course for you, and study something that you know you will enjoy and find interesting. Whether that be something you have studied in college or sixth form and wish to take further, or it may be that you have a hobby outside of college that you really enjoy and are eager to learn about it in more depth.

For me, I had a real interest in working with children so always presumed I would go onto study Primary Education at university.

However, using the ‘Inspire Me’ tool on the University of Worcester’s website encouraged me to consider other course options which would still capture my interest of working with children and young people.

This is how I came to study Early Childhood Studies and found the perfect course for following my interests as well as getting practical experience through placements.


If you are interesting in studying abroad, going on placements, attending field trips or completing practical activities, then make sure these are things that you look for when choosing your ideal course.

It is always a good idea to look into module breakdowns for the different courses at different universities, as you will probably find that universities may offer different topics for the same course. This is a really good way to know if you will enjoy the course if you are researching the content before starting.

University is the perfect opportunity to chase your dreams and learn more about subjects that interest you –  so make the most of it! There are 35,000 courses currently available in the UK, so get out there and do the research. There is something out there that is bound to be of interest to you.

If you are still struggling to decide which course you should follow, check out the Inspire Me tool – http://www.worcester.ac.uk/cgi-bin/inspire/inspire.pl