How University has changed my life

I can’t quite believe that my University experience is drawing to a close – time has flown by!

When I submitted my UCAS Application Form, I could never have anticipated all of the fantastic opportunities the University has provided me with.

I have truly loved every second of my time at University and I wish I could go back and do it all over again, but unfortunately, it is almost time for me to enter the big world of work.

So, how exactly has University changed my life?

When I first started University I was extremely shy, afraid to talk to new people let alone tutors.

I threw myself into the deep end by putting myself forward as a Student Academic Representative (StAR), desperate to develop my communication skills and increase my confidence.

Since that moment, my confidence has continually been growing, to the point that talking in front of 100+ people, not only at University but at conferences too, does not bother me in the slightest.

I have been able to network with both staff and students during my time at University for various reasons. I took part in a Students as Academic Partners (SAP) project where I was able to work with a lecturer and other students from different year groups.13417504_10207529491690263_2897172526810504967_n

I have been introduced to many people within the Institute of Education, and University-wide through my volunteering and Student Ambassador work.

Most importantly, University has enabled me to develop professionally. I started this journey as a nervous, anxious First Year student.Next June the University of Worcester will churn me out as a fully qualified Primary School Teacher.

I am relishing every last second of my University experience, and already planning to come back next September to study for a Masters.