How to resist procrastination and get your work done

Procrastination affects far more activities than studying for your assignments. It spreads like a virus to various aspects of your life, forcing you to get fast-food rather than cook for yourself or to watch the telly instead of sorting out your messy room.

While avoiding less pleasurable tasks to enjoy the more pleasing ones doesn’t necessarily have to present a major threat, if it’s left uncontrolled it can lead to devastating effects.

Whether you are currently struggling with procrastination or simply want to learn how to deal with it, I will share a piece of advice on what works for me and how I get the work done.


First things first, if you are reading this article to procrastinate and you could very much be doing so, have a read till the end but dedicate yourself to the task you want to achieve afterward. There, I’m even letting you procrastinate for a couple more minutes – I told you this was going to be a useful article.

Don’t listen to the red clown!

Jokes aside, the first thing to remember is, no matter what you do, the work won’t complete itself. Your effort is required, your self-will to reach the goal on its own isn’t enough, I’m afraid. It might be very obvious but sometimes the simplest methods are the most efficient ones.

Reward and Catastrophe factor

Also, I find it a lot easier to do my work when the panic factor jumps in. If I think of the worst-case scenario that would happen if I missed the deadline for an assignment, or receive a host in my messy room, I will quickly jump on to get things done, to avoid the catastrophe.


Natural Solutions to keep you going

If mental preparation doesn’t make a lot of difference, try out the tangible stimuli. Coffee, I have learned, boosts my motivation and even creativity.  It even brings plenty of research-proven benefits to your health.


With having your deadlines and possible negative outcomes in mind, with the rewards as your motivation, with the coffee and the music and the breaks as your backup, everything should go smooth and relatively easy. I shall also note that getting out of the procrastination quicksand is the hardest part, but once you’re out you will find out how potent habit is. Keep them positive.