Hello from Sophie!

Hello, I’m Sophie and this is my first blog for the Worcester Student Life so I thought I would start by giving you all a little introduction to me and my life.

I am currently a second year student at the University of Worcester studying Primary Initial Teacher Education (with QTS) BA (Hons) specializing in the age range of 3-7 year olds (the little ones are so cute).

I am not from Worcester originally or anywhere local as I am a Surrey girl. Well fun fact – I was born in Hong Kong but moved back to England when I was four and have lived in Surrey ever since (the picture above was from Easter when I visiting Hong Kong on a holiday).

I have known that I wanted to become a primary teacher ever since I was in year 10 when I volunteered at my local library to work with children on their summer reading challenge and loved it and I was complemented on how well I interact with children.



I decided to choose to study Primary Teaching at the University of Worcester because I was amazed by the course and the opportunities there are at Worcester to make me as employable as possible.

A bonus was that I fell in love with the city and the beautiful old buildings.

I try to get involved with as much as I can at the university to make me as employable as possible for when I graduate.

Last year I was a STAR and this year I am involved with WiP, SAP projects, I volunteer at the Snoezelen Centre and I am a student ambassador.

There are loads of amazing opportunities at the university to get involved in to further your professional and personal development which you should definitely get look into!


I love to dance so I am part of the dance society, which I go to classes several times a week and currently we are training for the Christmas show.

I also enjoy singing and I am part of a choir within the university where I sing alongside students and tutors. We are currently rehearsing for a carol concert in the Worcester Cathedral in early December!

I love to shop when I have some money going spare (being on a student budget is difficult when you’re a shopaholic) and Worcester is great for shopping.

I like to chill with my friends, chat to my family, eat food/go to the cinema and of course go out clubbing. The only drawback of not being in Surrey is not seeing my dogs everyday (that is my puppy poppy underneath).


So that’s just a little bit about me. Thanks for reading!