Choosing the perfect Uni; the ultimate checklist!

Coming to University is a massive life-changing decision, so like anything in life, finding the perfect one for you is key! I’m Charlotte and this blog post is about the things you should consider when choosing your university.

So, whilst trailing around all of the Uni open days, I had to keep in mind what it was that I was looking for when choosing the right one for me.
They can throw as many free bags, pens, pencils and water bottles at you as they can, but ultimately, it is your decision and your own criteria that you need to meet.
So, here was my ultimate checklist when I was choosing my perfect University (obviously Worcester):

Do they do the course you are really interested in?
Your choice of course is a crucial part to what Uni you end up going to. I originally wanted to do Business Studies with Psychology, but as time went on my decision changed and I noticed that Worcester offered the Business, Marketing and Advertising course, all of which I was interested in.

It is really important to make sure your course is right for you – you’ll be studying it for at least 3 years!


Excuse the mess - I had only just moved in. There's a bed under there somewhere.
Excuse the mess – I had only just moved in. There’s a bed under there somewhere.

I looked around so many different accommodations and when it came down to it, I knew the accommodation I was wanting was going to be a bit pricey.

I wanted an en-suite in my room because I like my own space. I wasn’t too fussed about the size of the bed and I knew I wanted a big spacious desk to work on.

When I first went to Worcester open day, I was shown around Pershore Halls on St Johns, which are the cheapest of the lot. Although they were nice for student accommodation I still wanted an ensuite etc. I also looked around Bishop Bosel halls, on City Campus and I knew I wanted to be in halls on that campus.

Luckily, I was placed in Chancellor Halls, which are also on City Campus. I loved these halls, and although they were a little more expensive, it was worth it. You got the en-suite, a spacious kitchen you share with your flatmates and a comfy bed.

You learn a lot when living in halls; how to properly cook, clean and look after yourself and most importantly, who you’re true Uni friends are!

The shopping!

(Mainly a Primark) So believe it or not, one of my main criteria’s when choosing a Uni was how good the shopping was and whether there was a Primark there or not!

I have always loved shopping and coming to Uni was NOT going to stop that. Although, I did realise I was going to be on a budget, so Primark was an essential. It has been a real life-saver when I’ve needed a cheap pair of shows for lectures or a crazy outfit for socials on a Wednesday.

Worcester has a really good shopping-centre and everything is close together, which makes it really easy to just pop out and do your food shopping, whilst wanting to have a quick look for an outfit for a night out!

The surroundings
I knew I wanted to live in a city that had plenty to do and lovely views to distract myself from work (which isn’t always great, but happens).

There is so much to do in Worcester; lots of shopping, coffee shops, restaurants and lovely walks by the river where I’m always discovering new parts of Worcester!

The nightlife here is also really good – there are three main clubs which are all close together and have great deals for students.

When coming to Worcester, I didn’t realise how close it was to Birmingham! I’d never really been to Birmingham before coming here and it’s only a 40 minute train journey; great for shopping (again).

Getting in-between Uni and home!

Once you’ve been at Uni for a couple of months, you will miss some of little things that you may have took for granted at home.

So, sometimes it’s nice to go home for a few days to be cooked for, laundry taken care of and to meet up with friends back home!

The great thing about the University of Worcester is how close it is to town and especially the train station. City Campus is a 4 minute walk into town (if that), away from the Foregate Station.

The views coming out of Worcester on the train.
The views coming out of Worcester on the train.

There are plenty of trains in and out of Worcester and loads of buses that run all the time (which I wasn’t used to coming from a small village). It is great here for accessibility to different places!