Guide to living at the University of Worcester.

Hi, I’m Nikkii, I study Sports Coaching at Worcester and here’s my view on moving to university. As a student at the University of Worcester, I can say I’ve experienced the best of both worlds now – living at home and in halls. 

Initially, I used to live at home and commute, having a part-time job that provided me with a disposable income to use at my leisure.

Then I decided to move to the university this year, to fully experience the student life and all its perks. I can definitely say: for me, moving to the University, was the best decision I have ever made.

However, there are a few things you usually won’t learn until fresher’s week is over.

Washing your clothes


This can become expensive over time, but it is also a necessity to do while living at Uni. If you don’t have an over-caring mom to do you washing for you, it’s probably best to understand what to do and where to go.

  • You are going to need to download an app called Circuit Laundry and top it up, because having clean clothes will become a luxury otherwise.
  • There are two Laundry rooms, the first one is right in the centre of halls accommodation and the second one is next to the Hines building on St John’s Campus.
  • Stock up on washing detergent pods, as you will realise very soon that Uni washing machines don’t have detergent draws.
  • Invest in a clothes prop will save you money in the long run, by avoiding extra laundry charges by using the dryer.


While living within Worcester, you will find that a car is more of a luxury rather than a necessary. There are some exceptions to this however, if you will be doing required placements for your course, then a car will be more necessary.

If you decide not to bring a car or other means of transport, then there is a regular bus service that runs right through the Uni.

  • If you would rather take advantage of the convenient bus service, then the even better news is that the bus will only cost you 50p into town.
  • If you do bring your car, then it’s probably best to look at the University’s parking permits to see what type of permit fits your needs best.

Social Life


There is a lot socially you can do at the University of Worcester. It all starts on the St John’s campus –  some of the social events are listed below:

  • Joining a society opens opportunities to meet people with the same interests and go on the Uni’s famous socials on a Wednesday.
  • Every Tuesday there is a Quiz night at the Hangar at St John’s Campus.
  • There is always a Karaoke Night on a Friday in the Hangar at St Johns Campus.



When it comes down to it, you still need to do your assignments around everything else. This can be hard to do while you are around your new friends and other people partying in the flats around you.

  • Well the Uni have thought about this too and offer a 24-Hour usage of the Peirson Building over 7 days a week.

These for me are some of the most important things you need to know before moving to the University of Worcester. So, future freshers I hope this helps you as much as it would have helped me knowing this information.

Look forward to seeing you all next year, you’re going to love it here!!