Three budget-friendly and healthy sweet breakfast recipes

University life can be hard if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being on a budget, lectures, nights out, being away from home, irregularity, laziness – they all have an impact.

Therefore, it is always good to try eating healthy at least once a day (if not 5 times a day). Here are three super healthy, quick and cheap breakfast recipes you can try. And you only need 3 ingredients!

If you are a foodie like me, you will probably become hungry during the first five minutes of your morning lecture despite having had  breakfast before.

However, if I have a mug cake in the morning, I can usually (my stomach is unpredictable haha) last without a rumbling stomach till the first break in between lectures (surreal, I know).

Mug cake


I like to call it the king of breakfasts and it is one of my ultimate favourites. Its preparation can’t get any easier!

  • smash half or ¾ of a banana in any cup
  • add one egg
  • add half a cup of oats
  • mix
  • add anything you want to the mixture- I mean ANYTHING (time to be as creative as the morning effort allows)!

What really makes a difference is a hint of cinnamon, honey, nuts, chocolate, grated coconut or blueberries, alternatively, you can also add a bit of milk if the mixture is too hard.


michaelaPorridge is a perfect choice for this period when temperatures are low and your body needs warm and filling food. This recipe will satisfy your tasting buds and leave you in a great mood, ready to start you day.

  • Add a half-cup of oats and fry them for a while
  • add a cup of milk (I prefer non-dairy alternatives)
  • let it boil till the texture thickens (3-5 minutes)

Turn the regular porridge into a sensation by adding at least a hint of cinnamon, honey, nuts, peanut butter (Necessity!!!), chocolate, or add sliced banana into the porridge while still on the stove! You can add as many toppings and make your own customized oatmeal!

Oat pancakes


To step up the breakfast game and make it more special, you can upgrade the recipe and from the ingredients above create oat pancakes. The outcome will be healthy and nutritious pancakes made in the oven.

  • one egg
  • one banana
  • half cup or cup of oats
  • mix it all up
  • place flat shaped pancakes into the oven (200-220°C) for about 5-10 minutes.

You will love the outcome. Top it up with some honey, syrup, peanut butter spread, nuts, fruits, and coconut, anything you like and enjoy them while still warm.

These are three easy recipes that can be changed and upgraded easily. You can switch or add ingredients or add as many toppings as you like. With these you won’t get hungry 3 minutes after leaving your room for lectures.

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