What to do when you finish your assignments.

Believe it or not, there comes a time in the year where you’re not bogged down with assignment work or revision and you take yourself home after lectures to find yourself sitting around wondering what to do with yourself. I have come up with a list of tried and tested suggestions to give a go yourself to keep yourself entertained at uni.

Housemate ‘Come Dine with Me’.


Last year my flatmates and I created a ‘Flat Come Dine with Me’. We split into pairs and over the course of a week we took in turns to make a 2 course meal and were all marked on it.

On the evening the hosting pair had to come up with entertainment, I decided to make a quiz on all the housemates, for example ‘what is Sophie’s two sisters names’?


I really enjoyed this because not only was it a way to get free food out of your flatmates but it brought us all together and gave us something fun to do on the evenings.

One tip: Just don’t drop your food….

3Go out!

Going out in Worcester is great, you are always surrounded by people of your own age due to it being a university town, particularly if you go out on Monday’s or Thursdays (student night) or Wednesday night (social night).

Starting with a pre-drinks at your flat is a great way to meet new people, but also makes the night a bit cheaper as you don’t have to buy as many drinks!

Board games


If it’s cold outside and you’re tired of going out another great way to spend your evening is playing a board game with your flatmates. Whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea it brings peoples competitive streak out and can provide hours of fun. Although be prepared, there’s always one who likes to rage quit.

Go on an adventure.

Over the course of the year my flat-mates and I have been on many adventures from Weston Super Mare to Birmingham Bullring. Worcester has two train stations which can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go and with some student bank accounts you can even get 1/3 off travel.

My favourite trip we went on was probably to London, we visited the National History Museum and different monuments.

Overall there are lots of things to do in and around Worcester and you don’t have to be an event’s organiser  to think of them.

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