A few tips I wish I’d known starting university

I wasn’t ready to start university in September. I was overthinking just about every single aspect of university life and even before I’d started here I was emailing the head of my course and asking questions. In the months that I’ve been here however, I’ve found myself feeling completely at home and settled into my new house, my new course and with my new friends.

To make the transition easier perhaps, here are just a few things I wish that I’d known before starting at the University of Worcester:

  • It’s okay to be homesick

It is okay to be homesick and if anything, it’s probably expected.

University is a big change when you’re moving away from your family and your comfort zone so it is okay to feel sad once in a while and miss them.

There’s no shame in having a little cry occasionally and if anything, it probably helps.

Remember who’s there to help you if it all gets bad, talk to your lecturers, parents and your friends. They’ll all be there for you when you need them to be.


  • You won’t know everything when you start

One of the things I found most challenging is that in starting a new course which is separate to anything I’ve studied; I knew very little.

To begin with this upset me. I questioned whether I should be on the course and whether I would ever know anything but what I’ve come to understand is that chances are, your course mates know just as much as you do!

It’s a new course with new content, and you’ve just started. You’re not supposed to know everything straight away, that’s why you’re studying the course!

  • Your lecturers are not scary people and are there to help you

At first, the idea of talking to your lecturers may be a little scary, but at the end of the day, they’re people too! They’re there to make sure that your time at university is as good as it can possibly be and that you leave with the best degree that you can.

If you’re struggling with anything at all even something that may seem trivial, talk to them and they will most likely have the answers or they can listen and let you talk.

  • You will make friends!

Finally, remember that everyone is in the same position as you and that chances are everyone will be feeling a little scared or apprehensive about what’s to come.

It might take a bit of time, but within the first few weeks you’ll have a close network of friends and it’ll feel like you’ve known them forever.

Even if it seems like you don’t know anyone when you start, or you’re feeling a little lonely, you will make friends and you will be okay!

Author: Niamh Bowyer

I am currently a first year Law student living here at the university. I am hoping to work in the Human Rights field once I have finished my degree and make a bit of a difference to the world.