Winter crafts and homemade gifts

As a small child I would excitedly run up to my parents with my latest invention and wait in anticipation as they studied it (most of the time probably trying to work out what on earth it was suppose to be). In my eyes, making things was a release of imagination and it was even better when I could give it to someone as a gift.

I once made a dolphin, made out of beautiful sparkly blue modelling clay. I ran through the garden to show my mum before I baked it. As I was running, cradling the dolphin, I tripped and dropped it on the floor…and then stood on it. The dolphin blob was crushed and so was I.

I love homemade gifts, both to give and receive them. A close friend of mine who I went travelling with painted me a beautiful picture of Chicago, our favourite place from our trip. My eldest brother, once whittled me a wooden knife and soldered my birth date on it.

These gifts are ones that really stand out to me and ones that I will always treasure. So if you are stuck for things to give this year why not give some of these ideas a go?

Here are a few quick ideas

1. DIY Handwarmers 

DIY handwarmers 

This is a lovely, simple, cheap idea for a winter gift! Rae Ann Kelly gives an easy to follow guide on how to make them.

2.  Cork Reindeer 

Cork Animals

An adorable gift for the festive season!

All you need is:

  • A couple of twigs (for the legs and antlers)
  • Two corks (for the head and body)
  • A red drawing pin (for the nose, two black ones for the eyes)
  • Some ribbon (for the neck)

3.Salt Dough Decorations




Another lovely cheap idea which can be customised!

There are plenty of ideas online, so have a google and see what inspires you!

Making (and receiving) homemade gifts isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve never tried it before, what’s the harm in giving it a go?

I have to add, this is guidance coming from someone who once laminated a leaf at work and broke the office laminator, so you may want to take my ideas sparingly.


Season’s Greetings one and all!