Should you choose to study something you love or something that brings you money?

That indeed is the question worth asking…

Everyone, I believe, comes through the stage when you are indecisive about your future and struggle to realize which path of your future to choose.

But when it comes to breaking the question into these two fields, the right answer may be hard to come up with….maybe cause there is no answer to this. But let’s see!

Turn your imagination on

If you aren’t sure you want to study something that only promises you a high salary, but no satisfaction or joy, try to imagine yourself 10 or 20 years from now.

Try to imagine yourself going every day to work, in a job that you don’t really like, but which pays very well.

It’s after all a problem many people have nowadays, they don’t like their everyday tasks and only the money they earn keeps them going.

Whether this is good or not would depend on your personality and preferences. 


You can’t live on frozen meals forever

On the other side, studying something you love, but which brings you a job that doesn’t pay that well or allows you to cover your expenses, is not really an option either. Luckily, the University of Worcester has high employability stats, but you need to prepare in order to get that dream job.

 Ideal situation would be to find a course (then a job or career in that field) that would fulfill you and would bring you both joy and a reasonably-paid job or promising future.

However hard this may be nowadays, it isn’t impossible to find something that will provide you with both.

Be smart

Broaden your horizons and be smart! If you enjoy drawing and arts, but can’t really see yourself as a free-lance artist, then combine two fields into one and find a suitable course!

I have always been keen on arts and drawing and considered myself creative, however, studying an arts course wasn’t really an option for me…Therefore, I decided to combine it with business and chose marketing.


There is always a way. For instance, you can study Joint Honours courses which allow you to combine two (even completely different) subjects, such as Business and Psychology or Geography and Mathematics).

Or find a degree that combines two or three fields already (such as Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship or Physical Education and Outdoor Education).

There are options. And don’t forget…if you love travelling you can work in travel agency, if you love fashion you can work in a retail shop, if you love coffee you can run your own café and more.

Therefore, implement your degree into the area of your interest and you can simply be promised both- personal fulfillment and good salary!

But after all, who said that you necessarily will continue working in the field you will have a degree in? Your personal and career journey can change through time, and so can your interests.

University is the time for you to find yourself and make mistakes. If the first time you try results unsuccessful, the other time will work out. Good luck!


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