How to Master Mindfulness

To be at one-kenobi with your mind, body and your environment is guaranteed to de-stress the soul and self in any difficult situation no matter how complex.

Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognise the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives.

In some ways the ability to identify your steps to harmony is your first task, bring in all your memories as your medicine to mindfulness.

“Those of us who are around alive but don’t know”

Why is peace important to us?


When your mindfulness becomes powerful, your concentration becomes powerful to complete more daily missions.

You have the opportunity to be productive, the only thing that’s stopping you is YOU or the snow. Whichever comes first?

When you are fully concentrated you have a chance to make the breakthrough of your generation, to make the mark of the day, month or even year.

This moment could help you to achieve insight, the sense of content and achievement.

Here my wisdom is explaining what you must do to achieve mindfulness, to fully seek happiness whilst studying at Worcester.

How will these skills help?

The skills you learn and train, will pay off in your older, mature times ahead. So what does mindfulness help with, what is the point or satisfaction you’ll get from reading my words with my green tea?


When you contemplate the big full sunrise, the more mindful and concentrated you are the more beauty of the sunrise is revealed to you, carpe diem because you never know when life will leave you.

Louis Cole a British vlogger with over 1.8 million subscribers once perfectly said and is his motto “live the adventure”

Howard’s 5 tips to achieve mindfulness!

Mindful breathing, now I know what you are thinking “how stupid, how on earth can breathing help?!” But there’s a way to maximise your relaxation by breathing in positive energy and releasing negative energy with a feeling of synchronisation when you combine the body and soul.

Identify the in-breath as in-breath and the out-breath as out-breath. Really enjoy and be positive in each breath you inhale and exhale (3-5 seconds max).

Concentration, linked with breathing helps connect the hormones and endorphin levels with a particular activity. To fully achieve “chi” (Kung Fu Panda reference) follow your breath from start to end, naturally becoming deeper and slower, don’t force energy otherwise you are kidding yourself.

It’s something that comes naturally and defiantly not overnight, me typing this blog means I haven’t achieved mindfulness but have experience in not dealing myself but my friends and family in becoming mindful.

Awareness of your body, Iskra Lawrence is an international plus-sized model who’s a local superstar believing in body positivity and every-body is beautiful.

I cannot agree more, you as an individual need to accept yourself and set goals in feeling happiness with your body; bring the mind wholly back to the body. You can be in touch with the wonders of life.

Releasing tension will ultimately be the last key I’m advising to fully shrug off your demons, doubters or any negative beliefs in your mind using all these tips and surround yourself in positivity and in no-time will you achieve mindfulness.


Here, download, read and watch these links to help relax and unwind the tensions.  And if you want to give it a try, the Headspace app will help you! // // // 



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