What happens at a university interview?

Interviews can be a bit scary, but with good preparation, you will be ready to impress. For some of you, this would be your first interview, so here’s what happens that day.Believe it or not, this is the shortest part of the whole experience and at the end of it, you’ll feel like it was as quick as a wink.

Wake up early, make sure you have enough time for a shower, breakfast and time to get to the university.

Don’t forget that the way you look, makes the first impression, so dress smartly, but comfortably – a pair of trousers/a skirt and a shirt will do the trick. Sometimes you will have to spend the whole day at the university, so make sure you feel comfortable and your shoes won’t cause any trouble.

Once you are in the room, relax and be yourself. Show the interview panel your enthusiasm for studying that particular course at the university, but don’t use just another cliché to prove it.

As you are on the spot, it is very important to manage your body language – sit relaxed, look alert, don’t slouch or yawn, look confident.

Listen carefully to the interviewer and make sure that you answer the question you’ve been asked, not the question you wish you’d been asked.

Even if you need some time – wait a few seconds and think about what you are going to say. In case you don’t understand a question, there’s no need to worry – just ask for a repeat or a rephrase a question.

In the worst situation when you don’t know the answer, it is better to say so, not to make something up, because the admission tutors will know.

Make sure you ask the questions you’ve prepared – this will show that you are enthusiastic about the course.

Make notes about the answers to your questions and once the interview is over, think about what went good and what could have been better, so that you will do better at the next interview.

Even if you feel that it didn’t go well, you can never be sure about it, because it is the admissions tutors that make the decision, so just back and wait for their decision.