Why I chose Worcester University

Picking which university you want to go to can be a little difficult and make you go a little crazy with it.

There seems to be endless choices with endless reasons why you should go to each one of them.

Every Uni will have its own little charm which tells you that’s where you’re supposed to end up.

For me, the University of Worcester was the sort of place that I left knowing I wanted to go back. After the open day here, I knew that this was the only university for me and here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. It’s only small!photo-05-12-2016-08-43-46

In comparison to a lot of universities, Worcester is a small university and really that’s what makes it so special. For example, there are only 38 people on my entire course.

The fact that the university is small really plays to your advantage, less people means more time that your lecturers can spend more time with you one to one.

It also makes everything a bit friendlier and much less intimidating. By the end of your first couple of weeks, it will feel like you’re just in a big class at secondary school.

  1. The whole of Worcester is really pretty.photo-10-10-2016-08-53-50

You should never pick a Uni just because it looks nice, but Worcester really is so pretty. My walk to Uni every morning consists of a walk along the River Severn and over the Sabrina bridge.

It’s a little chilly in the winter but that makes it all the prettier. The nice morning walk makes those 9.15 starts on a Monday morning just about bearable.

The city itself is also stunning, mixed up among the shops in the city centre you can find several old buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in one of Shakespeare’s plays.

If you like places with a little character, Worcester fits that category.

  1. So much to do!

A big part of Uni is getting involved outside of your lecturers and courses. All sorts of things go on at the Uni and there is rarely a quiet time.


From arranging ski trips and society tours, there’s never a dull moment. Of course, there are also Worcester’s societies. This stems from the Harry Potter society, whose Christmas Yule Ball often wins best event, to the debate society and even Zumba.

One thing for sure is that you are not short of choices for things to get involved in.

If you want a more active role in the Uni, you can also become a student ambassador or even a student representative, so that you can shape your university experience to be exactly how you want it.