What have I learnt about myself at university?

University isn’t all about your academic achievements, great memories, fun times and life-long friends, it also is time for your personal growth and development.

Hard to say this without sounding theatrical, however, these three spent studying at the University are going to change you.

A different person was once entering the first lecture of Economics and Finance (or any other) and another one will be throwing that graduation cap into the air when graduating.

You probably wont be able to see how much you have changed straight away, but after finishing first year, you will feel like the most experienced person at the University, simply because you’re not a fresher anymore. And there are many reasons for you to feel so.

I can also proudly say, that I am more organised, applied, reliable, patient, hardworking and demanding when it comes to my own tasks and results.

Your first assignment may end up being a complete mess, but that is how you learn. You learn from your mistakes. When the first reference list you have ever made is lacking order and correctness, the next one will be meeting those requirements.

Before going to the University, I was afraid to speak in public and deliver presentations and had no experience presenting in a foreign language (educational systems can differ a lot in another countries), hence my first presentation in my first year was a mix of stress, mumbling and being frightened.

Now, I know that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the outcome is never as bad as you imagine it to be in your head.

Being a fresher isn’t necessarily the worst thing that can occur to you, quite the contrary. Making the first and hardest steps such as moving away from home and starting your studies will change you vastly.

Being independent isn’t all about being on your own, it is more about realizing that you don’t actually need assistance  with your tasks, life or even chores. It is about finding the initiative and being able to do them all yourself.

Of course, minor mistakes happen and you may forget to book your doctor’s appointment, so your mom has to do it on your behalf anyway or that your favourite meal isn’t that easy to prepare and that it actually takes at least one hour to get through the cooking and cleaning….


(it didn’t turned out that bad after all, right?)

However, thanks to all this I have learnt how to cook basic meals and how to take over the household and how to take over the responsibility over my own life.

Therefore, I have learnt that no matter how much time you spent at the University or living away from home, these moments will enrich you and help you build your “grown-up self”.

Whether it is trying to figure out how to cook the roast, or bake a pie your mom would always magically make, or just finishing an assignment, finding a job or attending lectures.

As I said, you grow up and develop continuously throughout your life. However, this is rather a critical step as for its importance and will definitely change you.

From a silly, nervous and demotivated teenager I have become more mature, confident and experienced young woman (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds).

Don’t be afraid of change. Change isn’t always a bad thing. Actually, it can lead to many amazing things and to future development. I bet you will come to the same conclusion after graduating, since we all change and have truly become adults while at university.

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