Surviving a long distance relationship

The first thing  people said to me  when I told them I was in a relationship with someone from back home was “that’s never going to last!”. Well I hate to say, I proved all of those narrow-minded individuals wrong.

I’m a second year student and I met my boyfriend back home whilst I was studying in my first year. Honestly, at first, I was slightly skeptical thinking maybe this won’t work out, but I’m so glad I ignored those thoughts because now I could not be happier.

Sometimes the distance can be difficult because I see couples everywhere who get to see each other everyday, but whenever I do see Lloyd (my boyfriend!), I forget about the time we aren’t  together because we both enjoy each other’s company (most of the time!).


As the saying goes ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Those words could not be any more true. Although we have been together a short amount of time, we barely ever argue. We may disagree, a lot! Like I disagree with the fact he owns a pair of crocs, I mean who still owns a pair of crocs, right?

Anyway, my point is that if you are worrying about going away to university and leaving behind your relationship; whether it’s couples, friends or even family, do not worry!


Everything falls in its place and if your relationship is meant to be, it will all work out and as long as each of you put the effort in; if it’s a Skype here or there, a text or a call, then I am most definitely sure that any relationship can last!

This past year has been one of my most enjoyable as I have made so many memories, not only with Lloyd, but my friends from home,  friends from university and of course, my family!