Explore The Three Shires!

This is a rarity for all of us, as student life is busy, dramatic and sometimes overwhelming… but every cloud or investment debt has its silver lining.

So all I ask is… are you completely work, assignment, stress-free this weekend? If you’ve answered yes… you are lying to yourself, finish that 3,000 word report, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Some of the student population may be confused of the term “Three Counties” well, this is an Old English term for three opposing shire counties all attached and sharing common values and traditions.

The Three Counties of England are traditionally the three agricultural counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Including towns and cities such as Worcester, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hereford, Leominster, Stourport and Kidderminster.

Within the “Eden of England” as some described, there’s bountiful activities, events and places to visit all-year round to keep even students entertained.The solution here is the countryside, as the grass is greener than the cobbles of high streets and hefty transactions.

Here’s just a selection of places which will help and on a student-friendly budget.

Worcestershire – (YOU ARE HERE)


  1. Malvern HillsWith numerous hikes across the beacons, you will see all the counties with some amazing views (for your Instagram) with a delightful coffee shop which has the best Paninis in the land!
  2. West Midlands Safari ParkOpened in 1973, the park boats exotic animals to see just off Bedwley and attractions to suit you all! (car is recommended).
  3. Stourport – A truly historical, angelic town with local museums, traditional spas and restaurants overlooking the River Severn, easily accessible via train.

Gloucestershire – (SOUTH of YOU)


  1. Kingsholm Stadiumfan of rugby? then you need to witness some world-class rugby in Gloucester. Student-friendly tickets with some bubbling atmosphere and local cider.
  2. Gloucester Quays – recently refurbished, this mixture of modern architecture with outlet stores and restaurants mixed with historical architecture all in the most inland-port in Eastern Europe. Truly a place of beauty.
  3. Cotswolds Spas – AONB certified is the perfect retreat with your loved ones for a fishing weekend, spas galore of walking round the Cotswold hills, you may bump into some celebrities along the way.

Herefordshire – (WEST of YOU)


  1. Ross on Wye – Overlooking the Wye River and Herefordshire countryside with an abundance of pubs with a bustling high-street it’s truly a getaway from the hustle of city life, especially in summer’s heyday!
  2. Hereford Cider Museum – If you appreciate good, honest local and sometimes bitter cider without the industry chemicals. Try some raw Herefordshire cider and ale discovering why Mayhill is so important to farmers local to the area??
  3. Wyre Forest & Forest of Dean – 50 acres of outstanding beauty with now fracking-free appointed by her majesty, the forest holds an abundance of activities from mountain-biking to kayaking down the river. There’s countless events you can do. Trust me, coming from a local here ;).

Whatever you’re into, you really don’t need to travel far to save money and have a wonderful jam-packed weekend ahead! Get planning folks there’s a whole lot of splendor you are missing out!!


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