Second Semester, Second Shot

It’s that inevitable time of year, where lecturers finally publish results from your assignments submitted a few weeks ago. With hope your thinking too much into the scenario, predicting module grades or degree classifications, but all that matters is how you react.

If you had a set of expected results, well done, because this is a hard fleet to achieve, being able to deliver those marks is an exceptional fleet, on whom many employers seek in graduates.

If maybe things didn’t go your way, please don’t be disheartened, this has been my outcome for the past two years. I felt frustrated with myself, confused about marking and this disappointed vibe is hard to “shrug off”.

But every cloud has a silver lining. With comments and constructive criticism, you can only grow from those results, understandably it’s a bad period in university life, but always a good omen for all.

Firstly, DO NOT even consider comparing yourself to others as it’s not worth it. See it as less important than washing up the dishes and clearing the kitchen, both aren’t the best chores, but comparing shouldn’t even be considered.


It’s more about now or never, either to maintain success or salvage this remaining semester to avoid re-taking modules. You must learn from your mistakes, dear Luke (Star Wars reference) – that was a terrible joke! But the irony is… Yoda is right! The only way results will get better, is what you learn from previous errors to achieve high flying results come May.

Partying is now second priority, as all your favourite nightclubs will slow down, less events is an incentive for you to revise the skeletal body, analyse US journalism or understand Rhine capitalism.

Be smart, start using the university resources that are available for you to succeed. Tutors are here to help you, offer advice, even ways to improve your learning.

Lecturers can and will be boring 100% but again, everything they speak is helping YOU offering more knowledge to apply for that assignment, beyond the governments £9,000 wildest dreams.

The Hive, yes it can be full of college kids “learning” whilst achieving a power upgrade on Minecraft, but half a million books are collecting dust ready for donations, this is your opportunity to grow your cranium full of knowledge.

“Quitting is an everlasting pain drive and determination is the medicine to achieve greatness”

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