How it feels being a Business student on an IT Placement

Some may ask, what are you on about with this? Or, why did you not take a Business-related placement?

I found the vacancy the day before the deadline and I finished my entire application 2 hours before the actual deadline.

I procrastinate sometimes, but this allows me to tackle deadlines in a more efficient way, as I have truly limited time. Therefore, do not feel bad about it, if you learn from it!

I had and still have strong motivation because it was something I would definitely enjoy doing for the next 12 months or even more!

If you are wondering, where and what, I applied to the IT Support Placement at Worcester Sixth Form College.

When I went to the assessment & interview, I could easily see on the interviewers’ faces that they were quite surprised to see a Business student applying for this position. My face after the “rollercoaster” comprised of many questions can be seen below.


Technology and everything IT-related have been my passions since I was 5, when I had my first computer.

Evolving into a computer geek, this allowed me to see things beyond a simple keyboard and a screen and I really could not miss an opportunity such as this one.

Still, how does my position relate to business?

Where I am usually based resembles a lot with the ICT Service Desk in Peirson, upstairs. We simply call it: IT Helpdesk.

Here is where I help customers with their inquiries – communicating technical aspects in a very simple way & solving their problems efficiently.

The role is truly engaging as it pushes me to do something different every single day – each one of them has a unique set of challenges. Never become too complacent!


All of these allow me to constantly be in a flow state during my work because I am growing in my own personal rhythm.

 For this reason, I really encourage you to follow the path you genuinely want, not something that someone else thinks might be good for you.

Recently, I have decided to join the Marketing Team in order to help the college improve its awareness among the prospective students in the county.

By doing so, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I feel being part of something bigger than myself – which is what a business is all about.

It does not matter for what placement you are going as long as you feel that it is something you enjoy doing!

What may seem the daftest decision could eventually turn into the best one!