#28 Feb-Fitness: Howie’s guide to stay fit!

Let me guess, drinking six jaeger bombs on New Year’s Eve and your stumbling self in Munchies decide this is your year; losing sixty pounds in twelve months all to get that Cumber-batch jawline line or Kim K’s body?

If you are reading this you’ve failed, congratulations… along with 26 million Brits whom fail this fitness resolution. New Year resolutions evolve from false hope, whereas realistic ambitions will help you achieve long-term goals methodically during 2017.

Firstly, dieting and liquidized detoxing are the worst methods you can do, healthy eating won’t be forced or even routine as your mind will drift.

Detoxing is worse, it has been known to cause stress, depression and negative body effects. Obsessive dieting will only pressurize your mental capacity to eat very little, drifting towards a mal-nutritional diet.


Look into your cupboard/fridge/freezer then make a list of meals based on these foods. Now scrap that and improve those meals based on healthier alternatives i.e. sweet potatoes for white potatoes and quorn for red meat. It’s all about selection, are the meals easy to make?  Could you create leftovers for lunch after lecture?

Understand the vast difference between you and Instagram fitness freaks whom have fat bank accounts with sponsored nutrition companies plugging every drug to the brainwashed teen-adulthood.

It’s not comparative; take away knowledge and understanding, but please not every detail that makes them achieve their dream physique.

Relating to “How To Master Mindfulness” the only hurdle that’s stopping your goals is you, it’s cleansing your mind of negative thoughts to create space for positive thinking and attitude.

Howard’s Health Tips…


  1. Choose exercises & fitness styles YOU enjoy – Tailor exercises that make YOU happy and determined to develop into complex routines to stimulate the mind.
  2. Research healthy eating through valid sources – It’s a saturated market on Amazon, full of cook books with opening bios into why you should waste money. Buy one and that’s your basis;  look around the supermarket open your eyes to healthier alternatives creating possible substitute foods easier.
  3. YOUR target is 30 mins of exercise…starting now! – The government recommends sixty minutes, but they’ve got plenty on their plate. So aim for a small target and as the weeks roll by, increase this to an hour depending on your exercise.
  4. Water is your new partner, sorry babe – Yes I am fully aware water is a monogamous liquid that has no feelings, but with clearer skin, stronger muscles, increased water retention, purer bladder and intestines whilst burning fat you need to devote your this undervalued liquid.
  5. Routine, Routine, Routine – Be careful it does take 28 days to integrate your daily routine. This should be used lightly and methodically plan your days utilizing your spare time .
  6. Bin out junk food and attitude – Cleanse the cupboards of fatty, unhealthy foods and replace with plant-based alternatives to give energy for those tiring workouts over the next few weeks. Throw away those takeaway menus.img_2067

 “The only pain that exists, is giving up” I believe in every single person whom reads this, aspires to shed some pounds, get those abs or become a healthier person. The only obstacle that’s stopping you…IS YOU and only [INSERT YOUR NAME].

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