What to do when you feel like giving up

It can seem like the majority of people cruise through University without the slightest stumble or low moment – but you’d be surprised at how many students hit a wall in their studies, and contemplate giving up. I thought my first year of University was easy and didn’t even have what I’d call a “hiccup” at any point during my introductory year into Higher Education.


However, half-way through my final placement of my second year, I nearly gave up and quit my course completely. Here I am, in my final year, still studying, and looking back I am so glad I persevered.

During that very low moment of my University experience, I was given some invaluable advice by my tutor, so I am going to share this with you and hope that you follow my tips before making any irrational decisions if you ever consider giving up.

You are in control of your own feelings

Have you ever felt down, but put a smile on your face and instantly felt better? Telling myself that I am in control of my feelings, and a having a positive growth mindset (learning from mistakes rather than dwelling on them) completely changed my perspective on the stress that I felt.

We are all human, things go wrong, but I am much stronger now after reminding myself that this whole process is a learning curve – I’m still learning.

Don’t keep it bottled up inside

The biggest error that I made was not telling my tutors how I was feeling. I felt like it was my problem and therefore it was up to me to tackle it on my own.

Keeping it bottled up inside made me feel even worse, but once I finally spoke to members of staff about how I was feeling, I instantly felt better and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

The amount of support that I received was overwhelming, so I would advise seeking help as soon as possible – tutors are there for a reason!

Surround yourself with positive people

I am a strong believer that positivity breeds positivity. Your friends and family will always want the best for you, and they are there for you to lean on them, just as you’d be there for them in a time of need.


Having time away from studying is healthy for everyone, we all need a break, but it makes all the difference when you have positive people around you.

I am extremely grateful for my family and friends who helped me through my difficult time, and the power of positivity and friendship should never be underestimated.