Be a whisk taker!

Before starting university, I liked to think of myself as quite an avid baker, and was a bit worried that I would maybe not have the time to carry this on throughout my time as a student.

As it turns out, this definitely was not the case. I had plenty of time to not only bake, but also sit and enjoy the final products with a cup of tea and a good book (I know how to party). I found baking to be a really great reliever of stress and my baked goods always went down well with friends and housemates!


One of my favourite fail-safe recipes is banana and walnut bread. This would often be a late night treat or a tasty breakfast before a morning lecture. I found that it was really easy to make and a lot of the ingredients were things I already had lying around in the food cupboard. For one loaf of banana bread you will need:


Another great recipe is cupcakes. This is a great and simple recipe and also makes for an inexpensive home-made gift.



Finally, on the savoury side of things – I loved making my own cheese nibbles to munch whilst watching a movie or completing assignments. These are really easy to make, last for a good few days in a sealed tub and taste great.



Providing your housemates with baked goods is a great way to make friends, so use your time as a student to sharpen up your baking skills! And remember, life is what you bake it. I’ll see myself out…




For more information on the various recipes used please see:,,