Why you should build a relationship with your landlord?!

Living in the “community” of St John’s is by far the most challenging aspect when living away from home. All those additional perks from last year living in halls, with a launderette and cleaners, are gone.

This is real independence – bin collections, neighbors, bus routes, cat poo in the garden, roadworks and hot water – all your new “first-world” problems. Bigger challenges as you grow with the property, almost the same as becoming a parent, but this child is made of bricks and mortar.

Now remember your place on the “food-chain” as presented on this sticky note, you may be at the very bottom but you hold the strongest influence, a 11 month contract is full-proof with my claim.


We all know how to rent a typical, cookie-clutter apartment or dwelling, but sometimes, typical just doesn’t cut the biscuit.

I’ve been living for 16 months in private accommodation with commuting during my first year. To understand those benefits and drawbacks read “Commuting: Is it worth the hassle?”.

We are fortunate to have a six-bed property with a large garden among a conservatory (great for pre drinks ;)) one cosy, yet surprisingly comfortable, living room.

Building the foundations early on for a strong relationship with my landlord has helped both parties, with more responsibility, like being in charge of the garden! You need to help the landlord after all, they have the resources to maintain the property and expertise in tricky situations.


Simply, keep them informed of any arising or upcoming changes to either living arrangements or any internal problems with your property.

If you do not maintain the property, you’ll be facing the consequences later that week and the only person to blame is YOU.

Use your initiative, as the deposit when signing that shiny contract is more useful than you think. Always know their beverage preference when popping around, see them as professional friends, growing this bond through tea.

Sometimes even keeping a list of contractor’s numbers cuts out the middle man when fixing the water or bleeding the radiators.

Follow this blog and guidance and build a relationship with your landlord – it may come useful later on…

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