International Women’s Day University of Worcester.

Well Ladies, it is here again. International Women’s Day! One of the only days when Women are celebrated for their Achievements, Individuality and Innovative changes.

The University is highly accredited for the sport courses it provides, and facilities that have been developed. This has allowed for more young women to pursue a career in sporting fields such as Sports Coaching Science, Sport Business Management, PE and Outdoor Education etc…

As a young woman who studies sport at the University of Worcester myself, it is fair to say that I am in a male-dominated area of study, which can be daunting at times. But here, at Worcester, women are continuously supported and encouraged to pursue their dream careers and to achieve greatness. It would not be possible without the lecturers and the university staff.

Talking about pioneering women within the sport industry, we have our own group of inspirational women at the University of Worcester. The University’s female Wheelchair Basketball Team- throughout hard work and determination, they played their way through to the 2016 Rio Paralympics and managed to finish in 5th place.

In my view, that is an astounding achievement, in an incredibly challenging sport against competitors worldwide.

This is just some of the examples and just one area of study that the University is currently developing. I feel lucky to be part of such an inspirational institution.

So be part of the change, and show how the world is changing to give equal right and opportunities for women world wide.