5 Reasons to Study History at the University of Worcester

The University of Worcester History Department is great for any History-buff looking to learn more about the world and how we got to where we are today.

With plenty of examples to choose from, including the diverse library archives and great personal academic tutors, I have selected what are (in my opinion) the five best reasons why you should choose to study History at the University of Worcester.

  1. There are a broad range of topics studied

The History Department at the University of Worcester studies a wide variety of topics throughout history.

When I first started, I had a small set of main interests that I thought I would focus my degree on. However after studying in my first year my eyes were opened to topics and events I’d never heard about before and my interests grew and grew. I really started to gain an understanding of ‘world history’.

For example, the university is the only one in the country that teaches the history of Japan and it’s one of the most popular modules we have.

  1. Less exams

If you dread exams as much as I do, you’ll be pleased to know the University of Worcester is largely coursework based. Although you do have to do exams you can chose to do as little as possible each year.

For example I will only be doing one exam in my second year. The rest of my grade will be based on essays, document analysis’, book reviews and presentations.

  1. Second year work experience

During second year students have the opportunity to study a work experience module where you are allocated a position on a historical-based work placement.

Not only will this look great to employers on your CV, but it may also influence your opinion on the type of work you’d like to go into once you have obtained your degree.

  1. Great support for your dissertation

Your dissertation in third year may seem ages away but it comes around quickly.

The History Department at the University of Worcester is full of experts in a wide variety of different topics. This means you get to work at a one-on-one level with an expert in a topic your passionate about for your dissertation.

The department has a lecture who has expertise in perceptions of the devil in the early modern era for example, all the way to a historian with an expertise in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  1. How to do History

The History Department at the University of Worcester provides mandatory modules each year designed to prepare you for your upcoming assignments. In your first year, the module ‘How to do History’ teaches you how to write at university.

In your second year the History Department chose to provide a module called ‘Methods and Debates’ which prepares you for your dissertation in your third year.

This is something the History Department chose to do itself and is not done across universities in the country.