How to stay organised at University

You can have so much fun at University and sometimes it can be easy to forget that you are actually there to get a degree! But, as getting an education is the main reason for being here, it is important to make sure that you are organised, as there are now lots of aspects of your life that you need to balance; learning, essays, part-time jobs, food shopping etc. Here are some tips to make sure you are fully organised at Uni!

Make lists
I love making lists! I find that making lists really help me keep in check with everything, as you can literally check things off once you have completed items on that list.


I have lists on my wall, phone and one written on my hand at this very minute.  I have recently started using a weekly planner (see picture). I write down everything I have to do in that week, for example assignments I have to complete or meetings to attend.

There is also a handy shopping list section which really helps me stick to my weekly shopping budget. I keep it on my desk, so I can see it every day!

Write your timetable down

One tip I have been using since first year, is writing down my timetable on a piece of paper and putting it on my wall above my desk; I write down the day, name and code of the lecture, time, room and how many credits it is!

This has really helped me to quickly check details about my lecture, if I’m in a rush! I also write down all of my assignments throughout the year and include dates and percentages of the assignments.

As the work load increases, having assignment dates written down really helps you to organise your time well.


Keep all your stationary all in one place

I have had these handy stationary holders since first year and as well as helping my room appear a bit more tidier, it makes it a lot easier to just grab a pen when I need one!

I also have a HUGE pile of sticky notes so whenever I need to quickly write something down, this is where it goes. This can be hugely important, especially if you are studying for a degree that requires daily equipment.


Carry a notebook around with you 

I bought myself a new notebook at the beginning of this year and I quickly jot down anything I need or remember to add to my list. As you can see, I made one when I was packing to come back for final year!


I hope these few tips help you to stay organised for these next few busy months ahead!