The Hive- review

Every university has a library, but here, in Worcester, the Hive is much more than just a library – it’s a hub for students and people from the community, it’s where you come to finish your assignments, practice your presentation, find the books you need or, why not, have a slice of cake in the cafe.

Key facts (Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with many facts and figures, just enough for you to have an idea).

  • Europe’s first joint public and students’ library
  • Opened in 2012 by her Majesty the Queen
  • Opened from 8 am to 10 pm

Why Hive is THE place to study?


If you live in the city centre, it’s more convenient to come to the Hive than to Peirson. Also, I find that when I study in the Hive, I’m more motivated to stay focused and finish the job. I don’t get distracted that easily, especially if I am in the silent study area.

A problem I sometimes have when I go to study at the Hive is that as soon as I sit down, I start feeling hungry or craving something sweet.

As the Hive is right in the city centre, it’s very easy to go get some food or chocolate, Crown Gate is 2 minutes away. But for those times when I don’t want to get outside, the Cafe on the ground floor is a blessing. Fresh coffee and food is served there and I can even get discounts for being a student.

Place to meet with the team!


During the assessment period, it can be difficult to find a place to meet up with your course mates and work on a group presentation.  There are 8 meeting rooms in Hive that we can access with audio, video and sound systems, Wi-Fi, desks, plugs and chairs for at least 8 people. Really useful in the stressful assignments’ time.

Grab a book and scan it!

Borrowing books from the library or returning them takes less than a minute. . You can also keep them for quite a long or require a renewal of loan (not all of the books of course).  Most of the books are free for you to take home for up to 2 weeks, but you can take only 12 (how are you going to carry more anyway?).

Short loan books, such as course books or journals are available for you to take home up to 2 days or you can use them in the library (more here). There are also online resources available to every student, anytime, anywhere.


Lastly, there is nothing better than the view from the Hive from the 3rd floor where most of the books are stored. You will be overlooking the Worcester Railway Bridge and river Severn.


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