Why University Life…

Nothing compares to the heartache and anxious waiting for that “brown envelope” at college or sixth form. University is the most popular choice in defining your career and discovering those jigsaw pieces to YOUR future.

Reflecting on three years at Worcester, it’s the best decision of my life so far.

Back then, I was at crossroads, with peer and family pressure looming without any idea for the future.

University is about defining you, as a character in whatever you’re passionate about. I still have no idea, because life has no plan – with my “half-full” optimistic attitude towards my career path.


Firstly, I avoided any negativity. I tried to have a clear mind set and focus on what I wanted to learn, grasping all resources to truly fulfill my time at Worcester.

I tried to ignore league tables, costs and course satisfaction stats as I believe that major businesses succeed in “brain-washing” us to make false decisions, ignoring our personal choice.

I wasn’t dismissive of apprenticeships or full-time jobs. With an immediate start into a potential career, sometimes risk thrills young minds.

Looking around, you CANNOT say “there is nothing for me”; that pessimistic attitude will get you nowhere in life. Trust me, losing opportunities isn’t something to do, keep your options open with a PLAN B – Z.

My  family influenced me into choosing this educational path, learning from mistakes and misjudgments from my mum decades ago inspired me in choosing Worcester. My sister achieved a 2:1 BA Education degree in Gloucester; I went for a BA Business Management & Economics here, in Worcester, with one goal in mind : make mum proud.

For me, Worcester offered freedom and independence to stand on my size 10 feet; the world is my oyster, it’s up to me to make a positive impact.

Along with building a career path, moving away is something unheard in my family upbringing, I’m the “black sheep”, but there is so much more to life than your local pub.

Choosing this wonderful university and city was brought about with numerous research and understanding, never rushing into a decision with false judgement as this may come back to haunt you.

Do whatever makes you happy, it’s another cliché, but YOUR page is just being drawn, be the pencil and craft your future.

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