Why I chose to study Primary education at Worcester

Deciding on which university to study at can be a challenge for most of us, especially if it is our first big decision to make. For me, studying Primary Education at the University of Worcester was a no-brainer based on open days and interview days. So why did I make this decision?

Firstly, when I visited the university I felt welcomed and confident enough to ask all of my underlying questions. The lecturers were helpful and they were polite. They knew we (the candidates) were nervous and were very reassuring that we had nothing to worry about.

Secondly, the course structure was explained properly allowing me to decide on if it was the right career option for me or not.

Of course, since the day I can remember, I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher. I used to create a ‘fake’ register and pretend that my siblings were my school children, so deciding on the course was an easy job. However, more thought went behind choosing the right university.

Thirdly, the location is beautiful. What is not to love about Worcester? In the heart of the town with plenty of scenic landscape to enjoy!


Even spending the afternoon in the Hive writing assignments is great with the views it has to offer!

Personally, I am not a massive ‘going out’ person, so choosing a university with a great ‘night life’ was not important. I love that there are shops, restaurants, cinemas and walk trails right on my doorstep though.

Finally, my future in mind helped my decision. Whatever decision you make, just remember it is temporary. University is an amazing experience and you learn a lot of lessons along the way and grow into the person you never thought you would be.

I never used to be confident and even my parents would laugh at the thought of me becoming a teacher. However, now my family and myself can see that university has shaped me into a confident person!

Receiving my place confirmation for Worcester offered me opportunities I would never have had without university and I have met new people who I will keep in contact with 10 years from now.


I chose university because I want the career I have put so much effort into for the past several years. I chose Worcester because I fell in love with what it offered me. And I chose teaching because it was the only job I could ever imagine myself doing.

Be confident and keep your future in mind!