My University Bucket List

University is renowned for being the time to be adventurous by trying new things and meeting new people. In order to do this I created my own bucket list of things I want to have done by the time I have finished my degree. So, I thought I’d share my list to help inspire other students to be more adventurous and get the most of university.

  1. Go crazy and sing your heart out at Friday night karaoke at the Student Union.

    Every Friday night, the Student Union hosts a karaoke night where students get the opportunity to have a few drinks (usually a necessity to pluck up the courage to sing), chose a song, and sing their hearts out.You can sing as a solo or with a group of friends on the karaoke machine. A definite must-do on my bucket list!

  2. Raise money on campus for a charity.

    There are so many different ways to have fun and raise money for a cause or organisation. A sponsored three-legged race around the university, for example!Not only would this make you immensely proud of yourself for  contributing towards a good cause, it would also be great fun to get friends and course-mates involved.

  3. Spend a full day studying at the Hive.

    An odd aim for a bucket list I know, but seeming as TV shows and movies always seem to show students spending hours searching through books in libraries, I feel I should conform to the stereotype at least once!

  4. Go to every club/ bar in Worcester.

    I really hope that by the time I have obtained my degree, I’ll be able to say I’ve visited every bar/club Worcester has to offer and picked out my ultimate favourites!

  5. Host pre-drinks. (With the permission of your house-mates of course!)

    University is renowned for it’s party life, so I hope to host at least one party during my time here.

  6. Attend a University sports game.

    Although I’m not a huge sports fan myself, I’ve heard from many many people that University sports games, such as Varsity, are a must-see in your time at University. The atmosphere and excitement is supposedly second-to-none.Basketball games at the University Arena are supposed to be some of the best games to watch.

  7. Pull an all-nighter clubbing.

    I’ve heard from multiple graduates that University is one of the only times in your life you’ll have the opportunity to go clubbing without having many responsibility to worry about the next day.Why not make the most of that and go all out by pulling an all-nighter?

  8. Attend a 9am lecture after going clubbing the night before.

    I must admit this is on my bucket list purely out of curiosity. The amount of class-mates I see making it through lectures hungover on a couple of hours sleep amazes me! I’m intrigued to see whether I can pull it off myself!

  9. Join a random society.

    Who knows! I could end up developing my new number one hobby by simply picking out a random society from a list.

  10. Create my own drink.

    Finally, I hope to master mixology in my own little way by creating my own drink. Hopefully one that’ll become my favourite and I can name after myself!

With a year and a half of my degree to go, I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll manage to complete my bucket list by the time I graduate. I hope I’ve managed to inspire some bucket list ideas to anyone else whose hoping their university years are full of adventure.