Being a Student Wellbeing Champion at the University of Worcester

Hi, I’m Meg and I am currently a first year Psychology student and am a member of the new team of Student Wellbeing Champions here at the University of Worcester.What is a Student Wellbeing Champion?

Our team of Student Wellbeing Champions is part of  the Student Support and Wellbeing Service here, at the University.  We are a team of students that work to raise awareness of the support available to students and run campaigns related to wellbeing and promoting it. There are five of us; Georgie, Alex, Eleanor, Will and myself.

Student Support and Wellbeing

This is the department we work with which aims to provide students with a positive University experience.

There are Student Support Advisers within their service that provide confidential support for many issues and are always happy to meet with you and discuss anything affecting your time at the University of Worcester.

They  can also provide support for estranged students and care leavers! Some of the topics that are often discussed include…

  • Issues in accommodation or with flatmates
  • Homesickness
  • Bullying and Stress
  • Anxiety

Why did I apply for the position?

I applied to be part of the Student Wellbeing Champion team as I am passionate about mental health its awareness.

I have career ambitions in clinical psychology too, so being able to work in a role that revolves around my interest and future seemed perfect to me!

I also love the idea of students helping other students and as our team is comprised totally of students I felt this is something I just had to be a part of.

What do we do?

As a Student Wellbeing Champion, we attempt to promote all aspects of health and wellbeing at the University, whether that be working with other department to raise awareness of workshops and support available to students or running campaigns that coincide with international wellbeing days such as nutrition and hydration week or stress awareness month.

We promote this by running physical events on campus and through our social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

What events have we done so far?

Our team is relatively new to the University, but we have achieved a lot in a little time. We ran a social media campaign for Nutrition and Hydration week in March where we posted our own healthy recipes and promoted helpful apps related to our theme.

Along with this, you may have seen us on St. John’s campus last week running an event for International Day of Happiness where we asked students what made them happy, gave out some happy freebees and ran a ‘Smiley Selfie’ competition!

Where do you find us?

You can find us around campus wearing our purple lanyards or through our social media where we are continuously posting and promoting things related to health and wellbeing in students!

I hope this blog gave you a brief overview of what being a Student Wellbeing Champion is!

Be sure to follow our social media or check out future blogs for more information.

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