Can I have a Job Alongside my Primary Teaching Degree?

In short…yes, you can.

When I first started Primary Initial Teacher Education (PITE) I thought I’d have a super busy timetable that wouldn’t allow me any free time to work. Turns out, I was wrong.

During first year I actually had a lot of free time. Don’t get me wrong; I worked hard and had a lot of work to do but once complete I did have the opportunity to sit back and relax a little.

Being on this course means that our timetable is not fixed and every term things move around and there is no one day the same. Therefore, it becomes hard to commit yourself to anything that requires set times on a weekly basis that aren’t weekends.

This year I decided I could get a job. I applied for a job coaching gymnastics but as cover, as I explained to them that I couldn’t guarantee the same time slot each week. Therefore, when one coach is unable to work I can work for them.

I also teach English online. I have foreign students that I teach via Skype. Again, I only take on as much work as I can and I  am in control of when I work and what time I have off. I have blocked off all of the weekdays and only work on weekends where I usually teach for roughly an hour each day. This provides me with a great experience to put on my CV, subsequently making me more employable and it gives me a little extra pocket money.

My third job is blogging for the University! I get to write about what I enjoy doing and I only have to write when I have the time to do. Obviously, with all of the jobs I’ve just listed, if I choose not to work, I don’t get paid.

So I hope that helps answer the question.

Why have 1 job when you can have 3?