My views as a Physical and Outdoor Education student

First Year Physical Education and Outdoor Education student Izzy shares her thoughts about the course and her student life at Worcester.


Before beginning my undergraduate degree in Physical and Outdoor Education at the University of Worcester, I had no idea just how practical, engaging and exciting a degree could be.

During our induction week we spent a night on the bank of the river Wye, canoeing, kayaking, raft building, team building and getting to know the people we would be spending the next three years with.

Induction week gives you just a glimpse of what’s in store at Worcester and just how many opportunities are coming your way.

I’ve made some pretty great friendships within my course – which is important considering how much time they’ll be belaying you up a wall! Working both practically and academically together is so easy going and enjoyable.

Joining with the other physical education courses a couple of times a week is another chance to meet students with similar interests and attitudes and to spend time in groups of enthusiastic people, learning in a practical environment.

Your course isn’t the only place you’ll make friends however; your accommodation and extracurricular activities will introduce you to some of the best people you can meet.

Living with strangers was daunting at first, but once we all realised we were all in the same boat and wanting to have a good time, it’s brilliant.

Induction week was one of the maddest, strangest and funniest weeks of my life! It’s the perfect chance to get to know people on your campus and to discover Worcester.

Being a member of a society gives you yet another circle of friends, and hilarious socials!  My team offers a break from uni work and great laughs; playing in the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) league is one enjoyable yet challenging way of representing Worcester and one that really enriches my time here.

The course offers the perfect balance between practical and theoretical studies and this is what makes my time on the course especially enjoyable. It’s great to have such a varied week – one day, we’d have the introduction to P.E module, and the next we’d be at a climbing centre somewhere away from uni as part of the land based personal skills module.

In semester one, we went to loads of different centres to give us the chance to become great climbers. Now, in semester two, we go to different locations learning to navigate…The sugarloaf in Wales wasn’t exactly your usual lecture theatre!

Something that stands out to me about this course is the lecturers – they all have so much experience in a range of teaching and outdoor settings which comes through in their teaching and means they can offer extremely valuable help and guidance both academically and in preparation for future plans.

My first year on the course has introduced me to so many brilliant people, helped to grow my confidence and social skills both professionally and personally, and given me some priceless memories.

I look forward to meeting you in September!