Settling down and making friends in first year

Stress, uncertainty, all new, fear, excitement, stepping out of your comfort zone, all these and many more may snap through your mind when you are about to come at the University for the first time. There are, however, many activities you can participate in in order to overcome these.

Come for Freshers week/International induction week

I would definitely recommend all incoming students, coming either from the UK or from the rest of the world to participate in the Induction week (for Internationals) and Freshers week. It is a week full of events, valuable information, fun, showing around and making life-long friends. You will get a hold of valuable information as well as make friends from the beginning! It is also the week before the teaching commences, so your chance to enjoy Worcester to the fullest.

Join a society or volunteer

An easy way to socialize and find new friends is to join a society or start volunteering! Especially if you are a fan of a certain activity or are seeking to find your favourite sport at the University, this is an ideal choice. Not only you will have a chance to participate in tournaments, you will also find new friends, develop team working skills and enjoy social nights on Wednesdays (many would recommend these).

Additionally, you can always volunteer. There are many opportunities as for volunteering during events, fairs, in charity shops or at the Uni. Not only volunteering will allow you to meet very motivated and interesting people, but you will also gain valuable experience and boost your CV. So what are you waiting for?
Find a part-time job while at the Uni

We are all students and being independent may be a bit harder than expected sometimes. Luckily, finding and maintaining a part-time job during your studies can be easier than you think. Working part-time while focusing on your studies does not necessarily have to be unaccomplishable. By learning how to be organized, how to prioritize and manage your tasks you can combine studies with work. Certainly, it can get a bit hectic or busier during assignment periods, however, by being able to manage your own free time you don’t have to finish every assignment in rush and still can earn some extra money. If you have troubles finding a job, the Careers service at the University is more than happy to help.

Live at University managed accommodation

Lastly, there is nothing easier when it comes to finding and making new friends or getting settled down than living either in halls of residence or in University’s managed houses. Students are brought together and sharing common areas makes it easier to socialize and participate. If you don’t feel like joining your flat mates you can always go to your room. In overall, living in halls is ideal for all the first year students since it makes socializing easier, plus you can find your future house mates among your current flat mates in halls. It is however not suitable for everyone and in this case, rather a private accommodation can be recommended.


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