4 Reasons Every Student Should Join a Society

Moving to University can be totally overwhelming in its own right! Once you add in other pressures like keeping on top of your reading and assignments whilst looking for part-time work, joining a society may seem like an unrealistic option for you. However, I’m going to share four reasons why I believe you can and should join a society here, at Worcester.

 1. Choice! 

The first reason you should look into joining a society is that there really is something for everyone!

I am a member of the University’s musical theatre society, but have friends who bounce around at trampolining, cast spells with the Harry Potter society or do both!

With over 35 societies to choose from, there really is no better way to meet like-minded people and escape from the pressures of assignments!

The only downside is sometimes there is a little too much choice (trust me I know the pain of wishing I could make time to join the Cocktail society too).

2. Social Nights!

I’m sure if you know anyone that belongs to a society, they will rave about Wednesday social nights with their social media full of weekly fancy dress pics – I know because mine certainly is!

Every Wednesday each society has a set social theme and you attend dressed accordingly. Since starting University in September, I have been to all kinds of socials such as Disney, Marvel, ‘Dress to Impress’ and Musical Night!

Most socials are held at Mode before heading to Tramps, but if that’s not your thing, I have been to a bowling and cocktail bar social too!

3. Opportunity!

Being in a society can also be a great way to gain volunteering hours, try a different role or utilize your talents as part of a committee!

I took the plunge and got elected as next year’s musical director and I promise it wasn’t as scary as I thought! In my society you can act, sing, play as part of band or help backstage to create set.

Sports societies offer the opportunity to compete against other universities along with playing for fun and societies such as Nightline offer volunteering hours that can contribute towards achieving the Worcester Award!

4. Friends for Life!

I think this has to be one of the best reasons to join a society whilst at University! From choosing to sign up at the societies fair during fresher’s, to now approaching the end of the year, I have met so many amazing people.

I now have made my first year here the best experience it could be. I can’t wait to welcome more people into our family next year.

I hope that if you were on the fence before, I’ve managed to convince you to give a society a go – I assure you, you won’t regret it!

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