Summer is nearly here! Time to make some plans!

It’s nearly summer! I don’t know about you but right now, with all of the exam preparation and assignments going on, summer seems like a long way away. Fear not, we are on the home straight and we can start making some summer plans!

So what can we do on the extra-long holiday we have off? Here are a few things I’ve done over the years or what I’m planning to do this year to perhaps give some inspiration.


This summer I’ve organised a week’s volunteering placement in a doctor’s office in Manchester. Working in a doctor’s office gives me lots to talk about in my CV and will develop skills that employers or interviewers for post graduate study will be looking for.

Summer is the ideal time to sort out some work experience and get some hours in early! There are lots of animal shelters, charity shops and care homes looking for volunteers over summer so it’s a fantastic time to start.

Part time work
Gaining skills doesn’t have to be through voluntary work, you could get a paid summer to save up some money for the next academic year!

Most employers want workers for more than just summer, however, there are seasonal roles if you look online!Last year, I took on a seasonal role as a senior mentor on National Citizens Service (The Challenge).

For this job I looked after a group of 16 year olds and took them camping, rock climbing and hiking in Scotland for a week and then stayed with the group in Birmingham for another week, where I helped them organise and do a charity campaign near the Bullring.

Although this role seemed difficult and not very fun when I was trudging through a wet and cold Scotland on a twenty mile long hike, it was very fulfilling to help the younger people. Not only that, this role paid me the much needed money I needed for getting by until the next student finance and helped me develop strong leadership skills too.

To apply for national citizens service or check out the jobs they have available, check out the NCS website.


Holidays abroad can be expensive, but there are lots of beautiful places you can go in the UK for cheap, cheap prices!

Last year I decided to go travelling around the south coast of the UK with my boyfriend. We looked for cheap camping sites where we could pitch up for as little at £8 a night and stayed in each town for around 3 nights.

We visited so many places such as St.Ives, Salacombe, Exeter, Dover, Plymouth and Brighton. Where we stayed really didn’t matter, it was only a place to rest our heads after a busy day (one night we even paid a pub £10 to stay on the field outside- it wasn’t bad until we realised a train went by at 6AM the next morning and nearly frightened us to death!).

This allowed me to see lot’s of new things I’d never seen before and gave me the experience of a lifetime!

Going to a festival is one of the best experiences I’ve had. Over the summer, I went to a festival with my sister and best friend. On the day, it rained so bad I was soaked through and in a terrible mood!

However, once I got some food in my belly, a warm rain protector on and had watched my sister and friend perform a “stop rain” dance it turned into one of the best experiences I’ve had!

There are so many festivals for whatever genre you like and even if you can’t afford a ticket, there are so many security and usher roles available which can get you in for free – you just have to apply online.

Begin reading for next year (but not too soon!)

Everyone has to have fun for a while, but when it’s coming to the last few weeks of summer, I find it’s good to get some reading in to prepare for my next year’s lectures.

All of the recommended reading lists for the module should be available online so it’s just a case of finding the articles or books and sitting down to start. For me it’s always daunting as I don’t have a clue about what half of it is saying, but a small amount of reading before lectures definitely go a long way when it comes to the next academic year.

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