Control Your Mind

University – undoubtedly the most stressful, vulnerable, but most rewarding  experience in your life. With emerging technology and assignments making us exhausted, individuals.

Controlling your mind along is becoming ignored in youth demographics, under-estimating the mental rewards.

Training the mind is perceived differently with psychologists and therapy professionals. “Mindful Training”. Explored in a previous  blog, explains simple day-to-day tips to master mindful attitude and thinking.

Some people believe it’s stopping thoughts or eliminating feelings. Creating more problems than results.

But in reality, it’s different.

Let’s imagine ourselves on Worcester Bridge ( designed by John Gwynn on the A44) All I ask… is to stand on the pavement, and watch the cars drive by.

The cars represent your thoughts and feelings (relaxed, anger, sex, university, happy, work, food)  simply watch them. Sounds easy?

As students, we may feel unsettled watching cars drive by as more emotions and feelings cause traffic.

So we run out onto the road (MENTALLY!) trying to stop the cars or chase after these emotions or feelings.

Our key goal was to sit there, this running around is overwhelming and only adds to that negative feeling “restlessness”

Training our minds is about a relationship with these passing thoughts and feelings, naturally becoming more more mindful.

With meditation, healthy eating, sleep, friends and exercise, I’ve never felt so calm at university, feeling positive about looming deadlines or society commitments.

If you remember where we are; back beside on the bridge just watching the traffic, you will improve your body and soul. You can learn more about it from this meditation guide or from headspace.

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