Advice From Current Students

As I’m sure you’re well aware, starting university is a huge step. I remember when I was doing my A-Levels, I was receiving advice and tips from so many people I didn’t know what to think. Therefore, in order to help out others thinking of going to university, or those already at university who are struggling, I have gathered some advice from current students on life at university in your first year.

Hopefully, this will help explain what current students believe to be the most important aspects of first year and how to make the most of it.

  • ‘Don’t let homesickness stop you making the most out of opportunities in first year. Go out and have fun with new friends even if you’re missing your family.’
  • ‘First year will always be hard, and you’ll be learning a lot about how to juggle different aspects of life, but it will get easier and you will learn a lot about who your real friends are.’
  • ‘Join as many societies as possible at the Freshers’ Fair. That way you meet more people and can always leave the ones that don’t meet your fancy.’
  • ‘Don’t get too worked up if your grades aren’t great in first year. The whole point of first year is for you to learn how to write academically and you will start to see improvements by second year if you put the effort in.’
  • ‘NEVER forget assignment deadlines are at 3pm!’
  • ‘Take as much food and toiletries from home as you can when you first arrive. It will save you money when shopping later.’
  • ‘Get involved in lots of societies and events. Enjoy yourself in first year then settle down for the last two years.’
  • ‘Work hard from the beginning of first year and it’ll pay off in second and third year… and don’t spend all your money on booze!’
  • ‘Talk to flatmates and course mates on social media before you come to university. That way you will get friendly with people before you arrive which will make you far less nervous.’
  • ‘Make the most of first year socially, and then prepare for a tougher challenge for the second year.’
  • ‘It’s not all about the alcohol… find yourself a hobby.’

I hope this advice will help prepare anybody looking to come to university on what to expect in first year and how to make the most out of your experience at university. Just remember- it will be completely overwhelming when you first arrive but once you’ve settled in you’ll have the time of your life!