Celebrate your achievements at University in style: How to throw a great themed party on a student budget

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the time has almost come to let our hair down and celebrate everything we’ve achieved this year at University.

Although the traditional night out at Tramps, Sin or Bushes is always a good shout, some things deserve a special type of celebration.

Since starting uni, I have thrown my fair share of gatherings in attempt to make a friend’s birthday special or as a fun project to take my mind off the stress of past deadlines.

As a result, I thought I’d share my tips on how to throw a themed party on a student budget!

  1. Theme! I have found this a key factor is creating an event that’s really different and fun.

    When choosing try to think of the reason you are throwing the party. If it’s for a friend, pick a theme that relates to them or if the group you are inviting share a common interest, go with that.

    For example, my boyfriend is a huge superhero fan so for his birthday I threw a Marvel party and as my best friend is a movie fanatic, her 21st was a Hollywood themed night.

  2. Costumes? Consider if you’d like to incorporate the element of fancy dress into the party. This can be a great way to get everyone involved and it doesn’t have to cost much at all.

    Encouraging your guests to even wear a t-shirt that coincides with the theme can be effective or if you’re like me, take on the challenge of creating a DIY outfit.
    I made these outfits using mainly plain clothing from Primark, iron on stars from EBay and green paint from the Party Shop.

  3. Shop Around or DIY! Decorations or providing a few drinks and snacks for guests can go a long way and help make your event memorable.

    When purchasing these, be sure to shop around or scroll through Pinterest for ideas you can make from basic art supplies.

    These photo booth props went down a storm! You can buy large bottles of Coke and Lemonade for as little as 20p in some Supermarkets by going for own brands.
    Also, providing some cheap plastic cups is a great way to minimize your washing up – trust me.

  4. Games and Plans! It’s good to have rough ideas of games you can play. These can be generic or tailored to your theme, but try and start with an ice breaker if not everyone knows each other.

    You may also want to consider later plans like going somewhere afterwards and pre-book the taxi’s as you don’t want to keep your neighbours up all night or be transport less!

    However, don’t be too rigid, go with the flow and see what happens and remember to take lots of pics!

    These are just a few tips from my own experience but I hope they give you a starting point if you decide to throw your own student party or gathering!

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