Things I Would Do Differently If I Could Re-Do My First Year

First year at University is full of ups and downs. You end up just trying to go with the flow with a lot of things, just to try and maintain some stability in your new life.

However, it is vital not to get too caught up in certain aspects of your first year. Here are some examples of things I would have done differently in my first year to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

  1. Made the most out of Freshers.

    When I first moved to university I was horrendously homesick. I spent most nights miserable in my room not wanting to go out. Because of that I didn’t make the most out of Freshers Week.Looking back, I realise if I’d have just forced myself to go out more, I would have easily made new friends and probably felt a lot less homesick.

    My second year Freshers Week was great. It made me realise how much I missed out on by not attending my very first as much as I should have.

  2. Been more money savvy.

    When my first loan came through from Student Finance and I’d payed my rent up until the next loan, I went a bit crazy. Suddenly having all that money belonging to me went to my head.

    Although I took into account the need to buy food and necessities, I forgot that half way through first year I would be searching for a house for the second year.

    In February I had to pay a £300 deposit to my soon-to-be landlord. Because I didn’t plan for this, I found myself struggling throughout the rest of the year because I’d spent all my extra money from my first loan on things I didn’t need.

  3. Spent more time learning to cook.

    I spent most of my first year eating ready meals and freezer food. If I’d have taught myself to cook more from scratch, I’d have enjoyed meal-time more and seen it as less of a chore.

  4. Gone to more society socials.

    I joined the Dance Society in my first year. Although I enjoyed the classes, I had joined alone and found it difficult to make friends. Because of this, I chose not to attend any society socials through fear of being left out.

    However, this year, I had the opportunity to see a society social and realised how much fun they look. I wish I’d have taken the time to attend the social nights and get to know more of the society members as from the looks of it, I missed out on a lot of fun.

  5. Been easier with myself on grades.

    I was definitely too harsh on myself when it came to the grades I was getting in first year. Looking back, I had plenty of time to improve (and luckily I did!).

    I spent too much time beating myself up because I didn’t get the ‘perfect grade’ straight away, when I knew it would take time and practice to achieve.

    If I’d have relaxed a little more and not taken my grades so serious in the one year they didn’t count, I’d have enjoyed writing my essays much more than I did.

  6. Spent more time exploring Worcester.

    Worcester is full of cool places whether it be shops, bars, restaurants or tourist sites.In my first year I kept to the areas of Worcester I knew; the university and the city centre. If I’d have explored a little more, I would been able to add a little more diversity to my free-time.

Don’t get me wrong, first year at university is an amazing experience and I loved it all.

However, if I’d have just gone out of my way to do the things mentioned above, I believe my first year could have been even more fun and far less stressful!