Why as a University of Worcester student you should visit Malvern Hills?

There are so many reasons why you should visit the Malvern Hills and given how close they are to situated from Worcester, you should really consider going for a hike there.
Malvern hills are situated in Great Malvern  and from its highest point Worcestershire Beacon (1,394 ft ), you can get a tremendous view over the whole area and neighboring cities, including Worcester!  You can choose which way to go and this is one of the reasons I enjoy my trips there – it’s different every time you visit!

How to get there?

The transport there couldn’t be easier. You can simply take the train leaving from the Worcester Foregate street station and get off in Great Malvern station, which is the stop after Malvern Link. If you go with a group (since its always better to have partners in crime with you), the weekend round way ticket will cost you about £3.75 (which is a pretty good deal, isn’t it?).

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From the train station, follow the signs to the city centre – they are everywhere. From there you will then start to go up and the terrain will become steeper. The “entrance” to the hills we usually choose is through Rose Bank Gardens, which is a beauty spot on the top of the roadway.

It is completely up to you which footpath to choose, since all the roads lead to peak (not Rome in this case – unfortunately). Once you reach the very top you will see the Diamond Jubilee Toposcope, which would be the thing everyone is taking pictures on or next to (just so you know).

As for the way back, you can then again choose different pathway or direction to follow. Altogether (with some relaxed time up on the top) this trip will take you up to 4-5 hours, so it is an ideal choice if you want to exercise or just to have a fun trip.

Do not underestimate the hills

Event though this still is a small hill to hike, the climbing can get very steep and intense. Now, of course, it isn’t like climbing Mt. Everest, however, I would recommend you to choose the right shoes, or sneakers that are comfortable and stable.

You still will get sweaty and it can be tiring (haha, trust me), so don’t forget to bring some refreshments with you! And of course camera to take amazing pictures of the view and area.

I hope you are now fully convinced to visit Malvern hills and some relaxed time there.

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