My DDS Experience.

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.” ooh Gloria Gaynor, nothing beats a classic.

Three years ago, I was wandering around Worcester worried with the level of academic support my needs were entitled at university. Leaving A-Levels behind, this was new territory. 

Let me offer some context, back when I was a wee baby, growing up was difficult. Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum, a group of conditions characterized by impaired communication and social interaction.

Here at Worcester, I’ve embraced my difficulty with the academic support and tutoring. This university has an fantastic structure in dealing with SEN students, with areas for supporting me and others with our academic studies.

Disability Dyslexia Service had provided me with four forms of support, drop-in sessions, disability support tutor, mental advice specialist and a specialist academic support tutor.

All very different from one another, they are invaluable to YOU and ME.

Drop in Sessions:

The “Dumbledore” approach in my eyes, seeking wisdom and advice for my learning,  discovering what resources the modern technology can provide me with.

Throughout first year, I had to understand my entitlement – from exams to lecture-based support, as much as an SFE document tells you, nothing beats a friendly human (and a cup of tea).

Disability Support Tutor:

A “Hagrid” touch, reviewing your mistakes and appraisals in assessment results with detailed advice and knowledge from your chosen institute.

Catherine Ross, “Worcester Business School’s support tutor” has salvaged me in my darkest times at university, contacting others for extra help, but reading assignments impartially, criticizing or praising results. Without her, I’d be in a far worse position.

Mental Advice Specialist:

The “Weasley & Granger” support gurus, here a friendly face is in Woodbury or Firstpoint with mental health and advice when you’ll feel overwhelmed.

In recent months, this has become a common feature, whether it’s money, love, academic, family and friends, my mind has been raced.

How To Master Mindfullness” offers advice and support inspired by this team at university. Open to all students, it’s worth booking a meeting.

Specialist Academic Support Tutor:

A “Sirius” way without doubt, the most important asset to your package. For me, Michelle Fitzpatrick has understood my needs from day one when my facial hair never existed!

Here, support covers proof-reading assignments, setting out goals and mission statements for each week, with “critical academic writing and referencing techniques” a weekly lesson.

An hour each week has transformed my writing and confidence from a level 3 entry in secondary school to a 2:1 target in “BA Business Management and Economics”.

TIP: Please Read your DSA entry requirements which come with Student Finance England to understand your individual needs (this is drawn from my experience). You can read more on the website.

In summary, all these assets Worcester holds will prepare you for the new business, sport, health or geopolitical world, wherever your ambitions lie.

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