Life before university

Abi is a 20-year-old student mom , currently studying Events & Hospitality. She applied to study at Worcester and she shares her experience with us.

Had you asked me when I was in high school if I wanted to go to university the answer would have always been ‘No thanks’ the main reason for this was because I never thought I was bright enough to do a degree, especially as I struggled to get a C in GCSE Maths (believe me I’m still attempting to get it now 5 years on).

I only decided that I wanted to apply during my summer break from college in 2016, after gaining the highest possible grade for my 90 credit diploma in Events Management and Hospitality, it gave me a lot more confidence in myself and what I was actually capable of achieving.

Before my current course, I had a few obstacles which eventually set me on the path I’m currently on.

The first obstacle was applying for sixth form at the secondary school I attended and choosing to study BTEC forensic science, AS Level philosophy and ethics and BTEC IT. I can honestly say that this was the worst idea I ever had because I stayed in the establishment I’d hated for the past 5 years of attending and I found the philosophy and ethics subject too hard (I got an E in my ethics exam oops!). I only chose it because I felt pressured into it by my parents and teachers, so it was the easiest option at the time.

After dropping out, once I’d finished the first year, I then applied for an IT apprenticeship in Worcester College where I was to carry out my work placement days at HomeXperts Estate Agents.

This was a brilliant opportunity for me to learn new things and experience what working in an office would be like. Even though it was hard work I did enjoy it and it made me more confident and helped me acquire more skills that had never been developed before, such as; customer service, market research and how to use Adobe InDesign.

But then along came another obstacle, a huge, life changing obstacle – I discovered that I was expecting a baby and he would be due in August 2014 (a month after my 18th birthday).

It caused a lot of tension and stress as you can imagine, with displeased family members, rushing about to anti-natal classes, midwife visits and buying baby stuff, before my little boy appeared. It was the scariest, most emotional few months of my life, but looking at it now, it changed me for the better and my son Charlie will be 3 in August this year!

Anyway, I believe that Charlie was the start of better things to come and having him at a young age helped me mature a lot because of the responsibility I was about to face, as well as going through the birth (which was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be). It gave me a new mind set and added extra meaning to my life.

During the year before his first birthday, I set off looking at college courses to apply for in Malvern and chose the one I am currently coming to the end of. It was the best fit for me and I’m glad to have stuck with it.

It hasn’t been the easiest two years trying to combine college work with a child going through the ‘terrible twos’, but I’m proud to have achieved what I have from doing it. I also made new friends and having learnt new skills specifically linked to the subject area I was studying, which I can use in my future studies and careers.

So what next?

Well first thing is to gain my C grade in GCSE Maths and wait for my results to come through in August. If I get it, I will be coming here to study at the University of Worcester and starting the next three years of my life with my head held high, my chin up and a smile on my face whilst making new friends during fresher’s week!

And if I don’t get it, I guess I’ll end up going through clearing or debating on moving to my insurance choice instead.

I don’t know what’s going to happen this summer, but I will try my best to achieve my goals and won’t let it dishearten me if I don’t get my grades.

I hope to see you all around in September, fingers crossed!