Are you saying you haven’t started volunteering yet?

Uni life can get busy –  new people, new place, your entire life changes and the good old “familiar” and “convenient” becomes the contrary.

Joining societies and committees is recommended for students, as you get to know others, socialize, gain some valuable experience and boost your CV.

So with all of this on your plate and with your studies being a priority, why should you consider volunteering?

  • New friends

Meeting new friends may be one of the reasons why to get involved in societies or volunteering, as you always meet someone new, someone inspiring or who shares the same values as you do.

When you are in a lecture, you are most likely to meet only students from the same course or year, but thanks to volunteering, you can meet many different people who will open your eyes to new things.

  • Amazing memories

Once you have experienced volunteering, you will want to do some more. I, personally, volunteered as a member of a Non-UK Student Committee, where we organized events and were there for international students and it was an amazing time spent with incredible people.

During the experience, I had a lot (A LOT) of fun, I was part of important events such as Chinese New Year (which I had never experienced before) and shared all those wonderful moments with the rest of the group.


  • Boosts up your CV & Worcester Award

Not only does volunteering experience look good on your CV, but you can also apply for the Worcester Award. Depending on the number of your volunteering hours, you can get an award suiting your criteria, from the Bronze Worcester Award one to Gold Worcester Award.

Employers will notice that you got involved in volunteering, which will make you stand out and can support your skills development.It also supports your skills development (teamwork, of course, organizing skills, communication skills, etc.).

In order for you to get the Bronze Worcester Award you only need to register, log in your volunteering hours, get paid work experience and attend at least one employability activity (if reaching for the Bronze Award).

It is easier than it sounds and if you put your heart into it, you actually combine something enjoyable (volunteering) with something profitable (Worcester Award).

  • The feeling


There is something magical about that feeling when you realize that you are truly doing something for someone else, something that can even make a change.

So are you still asking why you should start doing some extra curriculum activities or volunteering?

Go, register and log your hours as soon as possible. If you have missed the deadlines this year, next year is your chance to get things done and do something that can make a difference in your career and personal development.

Your volunteering enthusiast,


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