How to maximise productivity over summer

Lucy is a 3rd year Primary Education student from Worcester, graduating this autumn. She has secured a graduate job as a primary school teacher, which will be starting in September. She loves horse riding and anything to do with fashion and beauty. Here’s her advice on how to plan your summer.

After (what may feel like) a long year at university, it can be tempting to coast through the summer holidays until September creeps up on you again. However, instead of giving into the temptations of Netflix and numerous tubs of Ben and Jerry’s, here are some suggestions that can help you maximise productivity over the summer!


This can be easier said than done, but it might be a good idea to look into a temporary summer job. Not only will it keep you busy, it will also provide you with some extra cash for you to enjoy your summer!


If you don’t have one already, the summer is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to a hobby, as they can sometimes suffer during term-time. Whether you stay in your comfort zone or push the boat out, doing something you enjoy can hugely contribute towards a successful summer.


Take some time out to broaden your horizons. Visiting a new city or a new country may give you new experiences, as well as giving you some time to relax and reflect on the past academic year.


The last thing you are likely to be thinking about is next term’s assignments, but one thing you won’t regret is being prepared. Having a quick look at your modules on BlackBoard or any recommended books on your reading lists may give you that little head start for September to start the year feeling organised!


Lastly, but by no means least, relax! In whatever form that may be for you, exercising or socialising with friends and family. Make the most of your summer and hopefully you will come back to university feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead!